Norwegian Artist

I started to paint at the Museo Delso in December 2017. In 2018, I received an invitation from the Federation Frax in Albir, Alicante, Spain, to be the first debutant with a large solo exhibition in the rooms of Don Pedro Delso in 2019. This gave me the sthrenght and inspiration to continue working with the dicipline a freshman painter is commited to in his work. There is no easy way or shortcuts to the soul! The journey inwards is challenging and needs time.


“Jarl Goli’s work must be read through the thousand hidden meanings. Therefore works, which must be investigated in order to find the keystone that opens the lost casket. The artist from the darkness of darkness brings out a saving light. that light, which has the task of restoring order to the chaos of the contemporary world. Jarl goes beyond the hyperrealism of form, to focus his visual investigation on the content, relating to feelings and emotions. that the subjects represented want to convey to the observer. Through the right balance between form and figure, the artist traces the foundation of his figurative path. A path that sees him converse with his most intimate thoughts, and then bring them back to canvas.”

Dott. Salvatore Russo. Art Critic and Director of ASS. SOCIO CULTURALE EA ARTE CLUB, Segnalati Venice, December 2020

“Landscapes of the soul those painted by Jarl Goli. Landscapes where the sense of peace dominates. Through a great representative capacity, the Master takes us into his world. A world where nature dominates, mother of all of us. These are emotional, courageous landscapes, in which light always dominates the darkness of darkness.”

Dott. Salvatore Russo. Art Critic and Director of ASS. SOCIO CULTURALE EA ARTE CLUB, May 2020

“Even though he draws inspiration from nature and from what surrounds him, his work is often figurative with abstract inputs and contains elements of magic realism.

His Works are representations that traditionally make the audience meditate on the meaning of the original work, as they always transmit a much more profound message.

All his work reveals very personal and intimate messages which are presented in a narcissistic way. His challenging artistic expression has put him to the attention of International scholars and galleries.

Jarl presents a collection of new works that show a message of solidarity, describe balance and harmony states, and the beauty of union. Philosophy lives through composition, color, and symbols. Creatures are drawn as enveloped of light and once dark and then lush landscapes live and often work together to receive benefits of this union. This lesson also deals with religion, connection with the community around him is important for survival.”

Maria Grazia Todaro Gallery Owner and Art Critic, November 2019