Jarl Goli, Norwegian artist. Art Studio, Spain

Born 23.04.1957, Kristiansand, Norway.

I started painting at the Museo Delso in December 2017. In 2018, I received an invitation from the Federation Frax in Albir, Alicante, Spain, to be the first debutant with a large solo exhibition in the rooms of Don Pedro Delso in 2019 This gave me strength and inspiration to continue working with the discipline a freshman painter is committed to in his work. There is no easy way or shortcuts to the soul! The journey inwards is challenging and I needed the time.

The journey in Northern Norway 2019 and in Western Norway, Farsund and Risør. Friends I made. The joy of color and the life that got to dance. I felt the isolation in the pain gave me new rooms and horizons. New strength in the longing for my loved ones and without the fear of anxiety. Wrote some poems. Painted intuitively and found my way back to silence. In my 3 years of painting here in Spain, I have researched and trained with acrylic and ink. Good friends have given me good opportunities and support.
3 Exhibitions in Norway. Also in New York, Spain, Luxembourg, Italy and Germany. Yes, some international awards have given me new opportunities and are of course inspiring as an artist. And life here in Spain gives me peace and a meaningful work. I’m no longer banned.

The art of painting has given me a new life. With the pain of the times, I have taken off my mask and makeup. Art has shown me the way forward. Give me faith. With my paintings and prints, I hope to give the viewer inspiration in the light and purity of the day without pain. Inspiration and joy. Nature is my cathedral. The sun is my source and the universe my adventure.

Thank you for stopping by. Can’t wait for painting weeks again in Norway. Northern Norway is in my heart forever. And the source of my power is your hands that hold on to what life gives us. Friendship, Light and Nature. And in every moment pure love.


50 artists to invest in. Guide to investing in art. Palermo, Italy. July 2021

Leonardo da Vinci 4th International Prize, Florence, Italy. February 2022

International prize David Michelangelo, Italy – January 2021


I am a Norwegian actor, TV personality and painter. I became known through the children’s TV series Portveien, and was named “TV Name of the Year” by the weekly magazine Se og Hør in 1985 for this role.

I started painting professionally at the Museo Delso in December 2017. The journey inwards is challenging and he took all the time to express his life experiences in an artistic way through his paintings. During the journey in 2019 in Northern Norway and in Western Norway, Farsund and Risør, new friends and necessary support came up to him, and accepted his new life as a painter.

In Corona times, from March 2020 in isolation in Spain, he felt the pain that finally opened new spaces and horizons to express and tell stories in his works of art. With his paintings and prints, he wants to give people inspiration in light, in joy and in the purity of the days without pain and lack of hope.

Since 2018, several solo and group exhibitions in Spain, Norway, Italy, USA (New York) and Germany.


Poem: Travel. Jarl Goli

Until my last days
I want to paint life
with longing
Without more wounds.
Know the sea
In my heaven
tear to pieces old memories
which in my heart bleeds.

In my last days
I want to know
the sun burns time
slowly away
Put my feet
barefoot in new tracks
Like the drops of blood
In my cup
Feel the spring sing
and see that life
grows again without tears

Soon to paint 3 sisters
By the river we left
leave in peace
Sees a brother and two fathers
Under steep mountains and
Huge waterfalls.
Freezing in the chamber of time

Traveling soon now
And thanks for everything I do
got to see and learn

– Where everyday
has wings
Looking to heaven

Painted Isolde and
found mine again

Then the thought tree in
grandmother’s garden
And got it quiet
the hour we went
Like a veil of light
to a beautiful
Huldernatt with a lot of games
and good laughter.
A rose is always strong
in its light
in window frames

A beautiful autumn leaf
We see without glass
in frames.
Yes we with lion hearts
Just look and be …

Life is like a wreath
and wisdom with experience
has taught us all
that wounds that grow in the woes of the time
is the grief
Tender. She stands like a tree rooted
And will never fall.

See you
In the summer dance
Just saying. Thanks.

A really Happy New Year to all.

Jarl Goli

I was at times employed by NRK, TVNorge, and was program manager in TV3, cultural director in Ullensaker municipality and news journalist in NRK Oppland.


I have been a presenter in a number of TV and radio programs:

  • Våg å vinn, TV3 (1997)
  • Super Quick, TVNorge (1993)
  • Reiseradioen, NRK P1
  • Norsktoppen, NRK P1
  • Livets øyeblikk, program series on TV Vestfold in 2003
  • Eurovision 1986, NRK Fjernsynet
  • Portveien 2, NRK Fjernsynet (1985–1987)


  • I made my feature film debut in 1984 and contributed to it in, among other things:
  • 1984: Papirfuglen
  • 1985: Adjø solidaritet
  • 1985: Orions belte
  • 1987: Turnaround
  • 2012: Reisen til julestjernen

TV Shows

  • 1996: Offshore (NRK), the role of the driller Harald Vestheim
  • 2009–2010: Hotel Cæsar (TV 2)… Horst Jenka
  • 2011: Taxi (NRK)… Hans Gablein
  • 2012: Erobreren (NRK) Tangen


  • 2006: Tilbake til 80 tallet  (NRK1), itself.
  • 2010: Zebra Grand Prix (TV2 Zebra) participant, himself.
  • 2011: Nytt på nytt (NRK) guest
  • 2011: Happy Day (TV2) guest with Jan Thomas
  • 2013: Skall vi danse? (TV2) participant
  • 2017: Farmen Kjendis (The celebrity version of Farmen) as a participant

Theater productions

I have been involved in theater and, among other things, produced the children’s musical «Rock’n Roll in Oslo». In addition, I myself have participated in the following productions:

  • Stormen
  • King Lear (NRK Television Theater)
  • Gjengangerne, (DNS)
  • Raskolnikov, (DNS)
  • Barna tar makten, (DNS)
  • Alt om min mor, (DNS)
  • Painting career (exhibitions, prices and prices)


  • 50 artists to INVEST I. Guide to investing art. July 2021
  • AMBASSADOR of ART International Prize – 2021
  • THE BEST modern and contemporary artist – 2021
  • International Award David Michelangelo, Italy – January 2021


  • International award Raffaello & Canova, Venice, Italy – 12.12.2020
  • Chosen to be one of 60 artists, presented in the art exhibition “I SEGNALATI”, December 12-18, Venice, Italy.
  • Participation in BIENNALE DEI NORMANNI, 12 to 18 September 2020, Monreale, Palermo, Italy.
  • International award “Artist of the Year 2020”. Painters, sculptors, photographers, video makers, artists, graphic designers, stylists, who through their work have helped to make their art known to the world. The works of the participating artists will be displayed from 12 to 18 September 2020 at the G. Sciortino Museum in Monreale.
  • 3 ° International price Leonardo da Vinci. The universal artist. Florence, Italy – 25.01.2020
  • separate exhibition. Hammerfest, Norway – 10.02.2020
  • Collective exhibition. Drangeid, Norway – 20.02 to 23.02.2020


  • separate exhibition. Mølleparken, Tau Stavanger, Norway – June 2019
  • ATIM TOP 60 Masters. New York, USA – 26.04. to 5.05.2019
  • International award MICHELANGELO. Rome, Italy – 14.07.2019
  • Collective exhibition. ST. Petri Church, Norway. – 21.10. to 24.10.2019
  • GIOTTO international award. Lisbon, Portugal – 21.10.2019
  • separate exhibition. Yndestad Gard, Norway – 1.12.2019.
  • Humanity Imamen Art Prize. Bangkok, Thailand – 12.12.2019


  • separate exhibition. Casa Boquera. Yekla, Spain – 16.04.2018
  • separate exhibition. Museo Delso. Alfa’z del Pi, Spain – 21.04.2018
  • Collective exhibition. Kunstschimmer7. International Art Fair Ulm, Germany – March 2018
  • Collective exhibition. Cultural house. Alfa’z del Pi, Spain 21.10.2018
  • Collective exhibition. Risør, Norway – 16.06.2018
  • Collective exhibition. Modern art gallery. Trondheim, Norway – 16.08.2018
  • separate exhibition. Surnadal kulturhus, Norway – 24.08.2018
  • Collective exhibition. Lions Know school. Norway – 21.09.2018


I have been the initiator of a number of volunteer projects, including Peace Night in Tønsberg Cathedral and Operation Warm Winter in Lillehammer in 1998 where I collaborated with the Norwegian Red Cross. I am a member of the Norwegian Masonic Order, and have worked with group building and communication by giving motivational lectures.


“Landscapes of the soul those painted by Jarl Goli. Landscapes where the sense of peace dominates. Through a great representative capacity, the Master takes us into his world. A world where nature dominates, mother of all of us. These are emotional, courageous landscapes, in which light always dominates the darkness of darkness.”


Dott. Salvatore Russo. Art Critic and Director of ASS. SOCIO CULTURALE EA ARTE CLUB, May 2020

Your painting takes us to still unexplored worlds. Your sign power is clearly evident, as are the semantics and semiotics present in your works. You deserved the selebtion for the next Barcelona Biennale at the M.E.A.M. Museum. You will be part of the Artists I am selecting in the foreign pavillion.
Congratulations Jarl.


By Salvatore Russo


Golis’ generosity of spirit extends beyond his emotive artworks, sharing his gift with people of all ages who want to learn how to express their inner emotions artistically.


Melissa P., writer and editor for ART tour international, ATIM’S TOP 60 MASTERS 2019, April/May 2019

All his work reveals very personal and intimate messages which are presented in a narcissistic way. His challenging artistic expression has put him to the attention of International scholars and galleries.


Maria Grazia Todaro Gallery Owner and Art Critic, November 2019