A unique opportunity to be an exclusive Ambassador for Jarl Goli's new art book. You become part of an exclusive club with benefits and opportunities that are only for the Ambassadors

Business packet

For leaders who want to make a difference.

The business package allows you to buy an original and a separate unique series of a picture is made that is only for you. These paintings can be donated or given away as gifts to customers or employees.

We are pleased to present: The Business Package

There is a universal language of art that connects people regardless of their gender, orientation, race, and nationality.

Let us present this unique opportunity to your company.

Invest wisely in an artist who is specifically mentioned in the book "50 artist to invest in" by Salvatore Russo and Franzesco Saverio Russo.

It is a unique opportunity to create their own section of art that can be used as a gift or as a donation. The artist sign them, and you can buy the number the company wants.

Get in touch to find out more about this, it is a unique opportunity you should not miss.


Some facts regarding the Book project


Year of experience as an artist




Number of Ambassadors


Number of paintings

Countdown to the book is ready for sale