Hi, I am Johan de Champs

I live an interesting life Spain, together with my beautiful wife. Art is what fills my days. With exhibitions, looking at art and painting in daily life. I am constantly working to develop and improve in what I do. My people around me inspire me to constantly try to develop my style and possibilities in the more abstract part of art. I am grateful that I can have the opportunity to live as an artist.


My saxophone is an important part of me. I play music from Nat King Cole, Nina Simone, Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis and more. I both play and am a vocalist.

In my previous profession, I have been fortunate to work with several famous people. I can mention Mick Jagger, Ray Charles, Rafael van der Vaart, Eart wind and Fire, Bruce Springsteen and more.

I hope my art will give other people joy and inspiration. Take part in my world where art is an important part of life. My art can be viewed at exhibitions, purchased on the website or we can agree to make a commissioned work. Feel free to contact my agent for a nice art chat.


This is my art bio

Johan de Champs (1959) , born in the Netherlands in Velsen (near to Amsterdam).

I am an artist who is working with mixed media on canvas, wood and synthetic illustration paper.

Most of my paintings are colorful realistic art with subjects like wildlife, flowers, portraits.
Also commission paintings are a possibility for interested clients who would like to have something personalized.

I have had great personal teachers, like half-native American Sun-Bear Espinoza (1935 - 1999), and i went to Institut für Ausbildung in bildender Kunst ( Art school In Bochum, Germany).
Later i traveled to the USA to visit Dru Blair’s School of Art in North Carolina.

With exhibitions in the Netherlands and the gallery Art & Frame who was selling exclusively my art, I decided to move to Spain and beside being busy as a musician (saxophone) i started making art again in Spain and are having exhibitions.

Recently the artwork will be managed and sold exclusively through Freddy Bremseth, a Norwegian agent that is working with other artists as well.