Be more professional

Contributes with professionalism in marketing, idea and concept development, sales, websites

Extrade Event

We have many years of experience and knowledge in transport and travel. We are building up different Events for client and events that we arrange our self.


Real Estate

We will help you to find the perfect home for you. With our knowledge of developers, local area and opportunities, we will be able to find the right home for you to invest in. We relate to your budget and find the home that suits you.

Web design

We create websites made for your customers needs. We are using Wordpress and Webflow to create fast, relient websites with modern design


Wine trips

We have agreement with several wineries in Jumilla, Barcelona and a partner in Malaga which have a network in the wine industry all over Spain. Our trips will give you insight in the world of wine. With tasting, history, walking and looking at the soil and grapes and possibilities to buy some special bottles for home.

Art work

We are exited to have exclusive rights to sell art. We promote the artist, make webpages and do different projects with the artist. 


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